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The message of Ayatullah Mohammad Jawad Alavi Boroujerdi in commemoration of Eid Al-Ghadir to all believers in God
Tuesday، 20 August 2019 - 12:12

Eid Al-Ghadir is the anniversary of the introduction of the Divine Mentors and Guides who have the mission of awakening the minds buried underneath piles of the dirt of ignorance and misguidance, so that with the awakening of the mind, humanity will be out on the path of growth and eminence.

Message from Ayatullah Alavi Boroujerdi (may Allah increase his lifespan):  On the occasion of the 14th hundredth shahadah anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (a), the guardian of the God-conscious
Saturday، 01 June 2019 - 17:24

This year, the 21st of the Holy month of Ramadhan marks  1400 years after the martyrdom of Ameerul Mo’mineen (a). With this day, exactly fourteen centuries have passed since the life of this great man, a man who the Noble Prophet (s) referred to as “the scale of actions and deeds,” the criteria for what is moral and immoral. Imam Ali (a) is an eternal role model for Muslims and humankind, possessing all the great characteristics that exist for both human and the divine. When the enemy struck his forehead while he was bowed in prayer at the mosque, he also struck the foundation of his hard work in the path of Allah. This is the man whose one action during the war of Ahzab was equivalent to all the worship of the jinn and insaan combined! With that one strike, he was martyred gruesomely and violently and left this world all alone.

A number of Pakistani students met Ayatollah Alavi Boroujerdi in Qom. Here are excerpts of the Ayatollah’s talk in the meeting.
Monday، 08 October 2018 - 15:28

It’s fortunate, or unfortunate, that a number of Shi’as from my country and yours have immigrated to other countries. As a result, now there are Shia’s living everywhere in the world. Everywhere, the key to our success is that our young generation, without any difference between male and female, should educate and develop their capabilities. In today’s world, those can be influential who can understand the world’s language. This will be possible only when you gain high status in the academic areas. Therefore, I first and foremost ask you to study hard and try to be creative. Pay attention to what you learn and insist on being critical. Contemplate on what you are learning with a critical view and avoid accepting anything without logical thinking. We benefit from the same talents as those living in Europe and the US; however, they are precise and do things with accuracy. We should do the same. I hope every one of you, my beloveds - not only in your own country, but also throughout the world - will be a source of scientific as well as social movements.

Scientific Meeting Of Leader,s  the World Counceil of Churches with Ayatollah Alavi Boroujerdi
Monday، 08 October 2018 - 15:14

All praises belong to God who is the sustainer of the worlds, and may his choicest blessings on Muhammad and his honored and selected progeny especially on the last and greatest sign of Allah, may our souls be sacrificed for the dust of his feet.

Ayatullah Alavi Boroujerdi's Statements in his friendly meeting with some of the leaders, professors, and gifted students of the theology schools of Turkey at 8th July 2018
Sunday، 08 July 2018 - 15:20

At the present, there exist radical, extremist, and takfiri groups in the Muslim world that unfortunately are representing Islam in the world. I mean that the world recognizes Islam by their faces. This is while both you and we know that many of the thoughts of these groups are in complete contradiction with genuine Islamic thought.

Ayatollah Alavi Boroujerdi's strong objection to the emergence of some "diversionary beliefs in the Islamic seminaries": The Qom area is due to the fact that it promotes the Fatimid Heritages
Saturday، 05 May 2018 - 09:33

Ayatullah Alavi Boroujerdi visits a group of university students and researchers from Austria, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Lebanon, Nigeria, and the United States

Student Scientific meeting of the college of world studies University of Tehran
Thursday، 28 May 2015 - 08:59

On Thursday 28th May of 2015, some European and Asian students of University of Tehran (Iranian studies) had a visit to Ayat-allah Alavi  Boroujerdi. At the beginning of the meeting, Ayat-allah boroujerdi stated: 

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